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Mitra Brand

Concerning Mitra Brand , Nitin Mahajan/Managing Director, speaks about it.

I would put a high emphasis, on the importance of constructing a unified Mitra brand: "The intention has been to create a single strong Brand that will benefit all “Mitra” companies. If you are to fight a company X or Y in the free India of tomorrow, you better have one rather than 40 brands. You better have the ability to promote that brand in a meaningful manner."

Our study show that this gradual process has been gathering steady momentum-Mitra brand has been steadily improving its potency while its peers have fallen back.

What the survey reveals quite clearly is that the Mitra brand has more pep and zest than ever. "I think the world over realization has dawned that, as economies develop and consumers have more spending power, people don't buy products; they buy a promise. The future will undoubtedly belong to the brand and Mitra will be ahead in the pack."

A grand brand

The Mitra name has consistently stood for integrity, values, ethics and quality.

The group's focus on the brand-strengthening front in recent years has been, "to create a single, strong brand that will benefit all Mitra companies". In lockstep with this objective are the traditional values that have sustained and nourished the brand. And delivering on the Mitra promise will be the group's employees, the largely unseen ambassadors who are propelling the brand forward.