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Nitin Mahajan/Managing Director, speaks on a wide range of issues concerning the Mitra group’s VISION and its place in a world changing more dramatically than ever before.

• Guiding Philosophy- Keep it Simple
• Constant Innovations by
Creative Destruction-Creating a new Dawn

What will be the nature and scope of the Mitra group's engagement in the coming years with a world changing more rapidly and radically than ever before?
"We will focus and spread our roots far deeper within India- being an inch wide & mile deep, rather than a mile wide and inch deep."

How do you see this vision panning out in the coming 5years?
We set ourselves certain goals, chief among which is not just to increase our turnover but also to go to places where we could create a meaningful presence, where we, as Mitra Group, would participate in innovative development within the country.


Over the next two to three years, we will have to start looking seriously and strategically at creating brand awareness for ourselves and at how we are going to grow our businesses commercially and strategicall.

Will this thinking also apply to industries other than specialized services for healthcare?

It's a little difficult to make that comparison because in commodities the brand name is not as important as it is in products.

We have changed so much: our name, our logo, and our technology…