Mitra Blood Collection Monitor

(BCM-100) is a microprocessor based equipment which collects, monitors and mixes the blood with anti-coagulant in the blood bag. The equipment is light weight, and is 220V AV mains operated.

  1. In-built microprocessor
  2. Easy to operate
  3. Light weight
  4. Four line, 20 characters alphanumeric type Backlit LCD display
  5. Clear visibility of messages & parameters displayed during blood collection
  6. Pre selection of volume to be collected
  1. Tarring of bag volume before collection
  2. Automatic storage and recall of set volume
  3. Continuous agitation of blood bag during collection at 12-16 RPM
  4. Automatic clamping at termination of pre set volume collection
  5. Automatic release of clamp when bag is lifted
  6. Easy provision to change pre set volume
  7. Suitable for all type of bags
Input power supply 240VAC
Power supply unit 12V 1A
Closing time of motorized clamp 3 sec.
Cable 3 core wire with plug and socket
Length of cable 2 meters
Inbuilt fuse 4A main supply AC
Mechnical size & weight L=355,W=294,H=188 wt= 6 kg
Packing Specifications
H=8In L=3.7In Wt=815 gm
Gross Wt=6kg
1unit /carton size = w=14.6In