Mitra Tube Sealer

MITRA Tube Sealer (Di-electric) is a safe & heavy duty blood bag tube sealer based on RF dielectric heating which gives unique sealing finish. It is a bench top Sealer. The sealing of blood bag tube is done by RF 40.63 Mhz Die-electric heating without damaging cells. It is specially designed to seal the blood bag pvc tube up to 6 mm dia.

  1. Di-Electric R.F.Bench Top Tube Sealer for blood processing labs.
  2. Auto sealing system by placing tube in sealing head slot.
  3. Featherlite sealing action.
  4. Easy tearing off after sealing.
  5. Notched seal feature.
  6. Ergonomically designed.
  7. Oscillation Frequency: 40.63 Mhz.
  8. RF power for sealing:20 watts.
  9. Input power 220V 50Hz.
  10. High volume sealer for standard benchtop use.
  11. Seals in less than 1.2 Seconds.
  12. Lightweight, compact and durable.
  13. Open system can accept any blood tubing upto6 mm.
  14. LED's are provided for indication of Power, Ready, Seal and ground.
  15. Size: L=260mm W=85mm H=210mm
  16. Weight: 5Kg