Mitra Stripper & Tube Stripper/Roller

We are pleased to introduce JML 3-in-1 device in M Stripper, Cutter & Tube Stripper/Roller. As the name indicates, it is application for dealing, Cutting and Squeezing the tubing filled with blood. M Stripper equipped with rollers for squeezing blood in tubing and seals tubing by aluminum ring.

  • Completely stainless steel body. So no chance of rusting ever.
  • Light weight.
  • Spring powered handle. To ensure uniform pressure while pressing to close and automatic recoiling of spring to release handle for opening.
  • Screw-less rollers to avoid loosening of the rollers.
  • Extra sharp cutting edges.
  • Hot melt plastic coated handle covers to ensure no space or gap in between the handle arms and plastic covers.
  • Ergometrically designed handle for better gripping.
  • Keep the collection tube in between the rubber roller.
  • Insert the handle and roll it towards collection bag.