The Technical Advantages of the 4GYP

  1. The improper sealing by welding between the 2 ports, during production of the solution bag in other systems, leads to micro-defects.4GYP has only one port.
  2. The Latex pillow (in green) in the injection port has different expansion and contraction co-efficient from the surrounding PVC leading to gaps between the two elements during production related heating and cooling.An extra barrier (in red) in the 4GYP prevents direct contact with potential gaps around the Latex and the PD solution as can occur in other connectologies.
  3. The vacuum (in yellow) in the 4GYP port is an additional barrier for migration of infection into the PDF.

Good connectivity reduces spike related peritonitis in patients on PD. It has been studied that the use of ‘4GYP System’ a novel double bag disconnect system (Mitra Industries (P) Ltd., New Delhi, India with consistently good results, patient satisfaction and afford ability.