Specifications of Tri-Choice
  1. Multi chamber Bag System.
  2. Two Smaller compartment (A and B) each contain dextrose anhydrous B.P and Sodium chloride B.P.
  3. These Sub Compartment have very low pH, which slows down the formation of GDPs.
  4. Third Compartment (C) consist Bicarbonate- Lactate solution as Buffer.
  5. In TRI-CHOICE bags Glucose at low pH (2.8 -3) separated from alkaline solution pH(8.0-9.0) during AUTOCLAVING or Sterilization process. Thus, GDPs are not formed which further not produce AGE.
  6. Immediately prior to use, the solution is mixed and as a result we get low GDP with pH close to neutral solution to infuse in peritoneum.
  7. Tri choice allows osmolarity of final solutions to be varied.
Advantages of Tri-Choice Over Conventional PD Solutions
  1. No GDPs and AGE.
  2. Preserve Membrane and immune cell function.
  3. Improves Peritoneum Biocompatibility.
  4. No Infusion Pain.
  5. Comfortable for patient using Dialysis of more than one concentrations.
  6. User friendly.
  7. Ensures Long Life Of Peritoneum.
  8. Suitable for Long Term PD benefit.
  9. Handling and storage of CAPD fluid bags can be eased
  10. Decrease inventory level at patient end.