Why is CAPD being performed?

In patients with severe kidney failure, waste products accumulate, making them feel ill. Dialysis is needed in such patients to remove the waste products from the blood.

Preparations needed before CAPD

A small soft plastic tube called a catheter needs to be placed in the abdomen. This can be done either with a local or a general anesthetic. The catheter is not uncomfortable, and once the small wound has healed, is quite secure. The catheter can be used at once if dialysis is needed urgently. Usually the catheter is not used until 2 weeks later. This allows the cut in the skin to be well healed. This good healing ensures that there will be no leakage of dialysate from the abdomen back through the skin. You will be asked to stay in hospital for 1 to 2 weeks to learn how to do the bag changes. Once confident with the technique, you can return home. After a short while, the bag changes are easily fitted into the daily routine.

What happens during CAPD/APD

Peritoneal dialysis is a method of cleaning the blood without the blood leaving the body.Clean fluid (dialysate) is run through a tube into the abdominal cavity.A thin membrane called the peritoneum lines the inside of the abdomen.The peritoneum has tiny holes (or pores) through which the waste products can pass from the bloodstream into the dialysate. When the dialysate is drained out again through the tube, the waste products are removed from the body at the same time. There are two types of peritoneal dialysis CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) and APD (Automated Peritoneal Dialysis).CAPD is done manually, while a machine is used for APD. In both types, dialysate fluid comes in High grade Medical plastic bags which are stored in the patient home. The fluid is drained into the abdomen, and after staying there for a period of time, it is drained out into an empty bag. In CAPD, four bags are used during a 24-hour period three during the day and one at night. It takes 5 to 10 minutes for the fluid to run in, and 20 to 30 minutes for the fluid to drain out. The bag changes can be done at home or at work.There is complete freedom to carry out daily living routines between bag changes. APD takes place at night.