M1 Bed Side Leukodepletion Filters:
  1. M1 Bed side filters are intended for Post Storage Leukodepletion required for Thallasemics, Cancer Patients.
  2. M1 Bed side filters consist of Filter chamber, so that any clotting in blood can be detected at early stages of filtration.
  3. Priming by Gravity, No Squeezing of Blood Bag required.
  4. Primes directly with red cell conveniently, no saline is required.
  5. No pricking of needle is required to remove air unlike other Filters, which make M1 filter fully closed system, no air contamination.
  6. Funnel Shape design of Filter prevents loss of even single drop of filtered Blood, ensure Red Cell recovery.
  7. M1 Bed side Filters are soft filters with no plastic covering, and can be pressed softly for smooth filtration.
  8. In M1 BS Filter, filtration process actually can be seen which give mental satisfaction to the Patient.
  9. M1 Bed Side Filter can be used by any qualified Nurse or Technical Staff.
  10. Ensures Log 4 i.e. 99.99% Leukodepletion.