M1 TAB (Top and Bottom):
  1. TAB M1 Inline Filters are intended for the Pre Storage Leukodepletion.
  2. Single Step Sterilization of the Complete System (bags and Filter).
  3. M1 Inline TAB Filters are soft Filters and can be easily Centrifuged in any existing equipment with no risk of damage to the Bags
  4. Priming by Gravity ,No Squeezing of Blood Bag required
  5. Funnel Shape design of Filter prevent loss of even single drop of filtered Blood , ensure Red Cell recovery
  6. 100% Closed System.
  7. Can be used with any existing Automated Component Expresser.
  8. Minimum Filtration Time
  9. Maximum Red Cell Recovery
  10. Ease of use during processing. Ensures Log 4 i.e. 99.99% Leukodepletion.