M1 Lab Side Filters:
  1. M1 Lab Side Filters are intended for Pre Storage Leukodepletion.
  2. Priming by Gravity, No Squeezing of Blood Bag required.
  3. Primes directly with red cell conveniently, no saline is required
  4. Funnel Shape design of Filter prevent loss of even single drop of filtered Blood , ensure Red Cell recovery
  5. Attached Transfer Bag, Single Wafer is required.
  6. M1 Lab side Filters are soft filters with no plastic covering, and can be pressed softly for smooth filtration.
  7. Unique Air Vent and Bypass Line for Maximized Red Cell recovery.
  8. Minimum Filtration Time.
  9. Ensures Log 4 i.e. 99.99% Leukodepletion.
  10. Can be used to Filter Chilled (stored) Blood Units up to 7 days.