Blood Bag Systems

Blood bag system is a disposable bio-medical device used for collection, storage, transportation and transfusion of human blood and blood components. The system consists of a single or multiple bag connected with tubes, needle, needle cover, clamp etc. The Blood Bags are made of plastic material which are compatible with blood. Mitra Industries is one of the leading Blood Bag systems Manufacturer in India.


Ribbed Safety Hub

Anti-skid groves provide better grip & control over needle during venipuncture.

Needle Safety Shield

Eliminates the risk of accidental needle pricks.

Wing Needle Cover

Easy to break & tamper evident.

Pre Donation Sampling Bag

Pre Donation Sampling Bag.

Standard Features

Labels are now Sticker Free and Guaranteed Non-Peelable and include information on most infectious diseases.

Redefined Needle providing high donor comfort.

Ribbed Safety Hubs provide excellent Traction control at the time of insertion. Practically designed, keeping in mind busy blood collection centers.

Winged Needle Covers are Tamper evident and easy to remove, enhancing confidence and efficiency while maintaining needle high performance.

Tamper evident outlet ports.


Optional Value Addition

Pre Donation Sampling Bag: Initial quantity of blood collected tends to contain contaminants from environment, bacteria, etc. from site of vein puncture is diverted into the pre-donation sampling bag. Remaining blood being free from most such initial impurities, is collected in the Primary Bag.

Needle Safety Shield reduces the risk of needle stick injury by providing immediate shielding of needle after withdrawal.

Types of Blood bags