Blood Bank Equipments

Mitra Blood Collection Monitor (M BCM)

  • In-built microprocessor.
  • Pre selection of volume to be collected.
  • Magnetic clamp for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic storage and recall of set volume.
  • Continuous agitation of blood bag during collection at 12-16 RPM.
  • Automatic clamping at termination of pre set volume collection.
  • Automatic release of clamp when bag is lifted.
  • Battery Supported version available with 8 hours of back-up.

Mitra RF Tube Sealer (M Seal)

  • Di-Electric R.F.Bench Top Tube Sealer for blood processing labs.
  • Notched seal feature.
  • Oscillation Frequency: 40.63 Mhz.(40.68MHz).
  • Seals in less than 1.2 Seconds.(≤ 2 seconds).
  • Magnetic head for easy cleaning.
  • LED’s are provided for indication of Power, Ready and Seal
  • Battery Supported version available,  allows 1000 seals on full charge.

Mitra Stripper (M Stripper)

  • 3-in-1 device for Stripping, Cutting and Squeezing blood in tubing and seals tubing by aluminum ring.
  • Completely stainless steel body. So no chance of rusting ever.
  • Spring powered handle. To ensure uniform pressure while pressing to close and automatic recoiling of spring to release handle for opening.
  • Screw-less rollers to avoid loosening of the rollers.
  • Hot melt plastic coated handle covers to ensure no space or gap in between the handle arms and plastic covers.
  • Ergonomic designed handle for better gripping.

Mitra Single Pan Balance (MSP)


  • In-built microprocessor.
  • Dual function of indicating weight as well as volume.
  • Measures the weight of blood components like RBC, plasma and platelet in ml/gm according to the specific gravity of the product.
  • No need to do any calculation.
  • Range of weight measurement 0-1200 gm.

Mitra Double Pan Balance (MDP)


  • In-built microprocessor.
  • Electronic differential scale with special features.
  • Provided with auto calibration.
  • Soft weights for balancing are provided.
  • Provided with Stainless steel pans with plain surface for easy cleaning.