4th Generation Y-Port: Single Port System 




During production of the solution bag, improper sealing by welding between 2 ports may lead to micro-defects. 4GYP overcomes this issue as it has only one port.

Expansion and Contraction coefficients of the Latex Pillow (in green) in the injection port are different from the surrounding PVC. This leads to gaps between the two elements during production related heating and cooling. 4GYP overcomes this issue by having an extra barrier (in Red) to prevent direct contact with potential gaps around the Latex Pillow and the PD solution.

The Vacuum (in yellow) in the 4GYP port is an additional barrier preventing migration of infection into the PD Fluid.

Manual Exchange

Twin Bag


With integrated 4GYP technology. Reduces chances of infection.

Pre-attached Drain bag.

Drain bag attached with Y junction gives the advantage of “Flush” before “Fill”.

Available in 1000ml, 2000ml, 2500ml & 5000ml.



Multi chamber Bag System.

Two smaller compartments (A and B) each contain Dextrose Anhydrous B. P. and Sodium Chloride B.P.

These Sub Compartments have very low pH, which slows down the formation of GDPs.

Third Compartment (C) contains Bicarbonate-Lactate solution as Buffer.

In TRI-CHOICE bags, Glucose at low pH (2.8 -3) is separated from Alkaline solution pH(8.0-9.0) during AUTOCLAVING or Sterilization process. Thus, GDPs are not formed which further stop production of AGE.

The solution is mixed immediately prior to use and as a result we get low GDP with pH close to neutral solution to infuse in peritoneum.

Tri choice allows osmolarity of final solutions to be varied.

Advantages of Tri-Choice Over Conventional PD Solutions

No GDPs and AGE.

Preserves membrane and immune cell function.

Improves Peritoneum Biocompatibility.

Comfortable for patient using Dialysis of more than one concentrations.

User friendly.

Ensures Long Life Of Peritoneum.

Suitable for Long Term PD benefit.

Handling and storage of CAPD fluid bags is easier.

Decreases inventory level at patient end.

Automated Peritoneal Dialysis



Integrated Heating System for Cold Climatic Conditions.

Easy to use Touchscreen interface.

Pre-attached Tubing & Drain Bag (100% sterile & closed system).

Unique emergency STOP, which re-starts from the stop sequence

USB Flash drive compliant. (Transfer/visualize patient exchange data on computer).

Compact & Portable system.

Height adjustable stand.