What is Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid?
Peritoneal dialysis fluid is a sugar (Dextrose) solution containing other electrolytes. The CAPD Bags are available in three strengths (1.5, 2.5 and 4.25%) i.e of low concentration, medium concentration and of higher concentration.

The patient has to use the CAPD Bag concentration as per the doctor s prescription only.

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Mitra Industries manufactures CAPD bags for home dialysis . They are used to remove extra fluid and metabolic waste products from the blood when kidneys are damaged.

An Introduction to CAPD –
(C) Continuous : Dialysis carries on 24 hours like normal kidneys.
(A) Ambulatory : Free movement- during dialysis patient is free to move around and carry out daily activities.
(P) Peritoneal: It is a sack like membrane that lines abdominal cavity and cover most of the abdominal organs(refer picture).
(D) Dialysis : dialysis removes waste products and excess water from blood.

What do kidneys do?
Kidneys have important role in maintaining health. Healthy kidneys maintain body s normal balance of water and blood chemicals. It also manufactures vitamin D and hormone called erthypotien which maintains hemoglobin level in blood.



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